GIS Consultancy Services

CIT provides independent GIS consultancy services for all sizes and types of organisation. With a highly experienced in-house technical team, we have a strong, established presence in both the Public and Private Sector. We understand the benefits of a bespoke approach to GIS consulting and benefit from being able to advise free from any particular software vendor.

Delivering an individually tailored service, we provide independent consultancy, free from any software vendor that will address all of your organisations GIS requirements.

We work closely with our clients to build strong, long lasting relationships, providing support and maintenance as our team of highly experienced GIS professionals guide you through the integration of your solution.

Location has been at the heart of our business for over 20 years and we strive to ensure that all of our customers will benefit from greater use of their spatial data.

Our range of GIS consultancy services includes:

  • Spatial analysis and map output services
  • Spatial data sourcing, dataset conversion, harmonising and processing
  • Bespoke on-site training in client datasets
  • Off-site support for bottlenecks in GIS projects
  • Development of GIS tools and software coding
  • Scanning,
  • geographic data capture services and geo-referencing services
  • Spatial database design and integration

As a long established company, CIT has a passion for strong customer relationships that generate long term partnerships. Naturally we also strive to provide value for money through a mix of efficient working practices and competitive consultancy rates.

GIS Training & Support

As part of our wider GIS Consultancy services, CIT has been offering flexible and bespoke training and support solutions to varied GIS clients for many years. In many cases, our GIS Consultants will have been working with a client in providing Consultancy, Software and Data preparation before setting up training and support arrangements.  After careful consideration of the user’s aspirations and skill levels, we are able to provide a particularly bespoke and flexible approach to training and support which goes beyond that offered by the major software vendors.